Disadvantages of Electronic Waste

  • E-waste means End of life electronic products like
    computers,printers,tvs, cellphone etc.It is a complex global
    problem. Electronic products contain hazardous meterials which
    includes poisnous chemicals. For example lead,mercury. Lead is
    used in CRTs of computer and telivion monitors. It causes
    damage to the nurvous system. Mercury is used in flat panel
    display screens which contains neurotixin. The harmful metal
    is absorbed by the human body through contaminated drinking
    water. The e-waste can effects the environment as well as the
    people also.
  • The main producer of e-waste was US and they send it to some
    other countries for recycling.Recycling means burning wires to
    recover metals,melting circuits and also acid stripping. Even
    the recycling process produce so many problems to the
    environment. The recycling process can be done by men,women
    and also little childrens which are not having any protection
    for health.
  • The information is very less to know about the e-waste. Long-
    term effects on environment is still unknown. so increasing
    the education about the e-waste is needed.


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